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Functional exercise for all bodies

Gentle targeted exercises that work to realign your body, directly addressing the cause of movement difficulties while improving muscle length, strength, and stability

We offer supportive group classes focused on specific movement patterns. See Offerings for more details.

Have specific concerns or want to go deeper? Schedule a private lesson with Ashley. She'll help you create a practice that meets YOUR goals and needs.


My pelvic pain, core weakness, and hip tightness were so bad that I could not exercise and I so badly wanted to return to running and get back in shape after having my third child. I tried many different stretches and strength training exercises but nothing helped. At my worst, I was limping heavily due to the pain. I was beyond frustrated and didn’t know what else to do.

I was very determined to start training for the half marathon, but the only way it would be possible would be to get my pelvic and hip pain under control. My plan was to take Ashley Price’s Integrated Core class to see if it helped. I had never met her before but I needed something to work for me. After completing 4-5 classes, my pain was almost completely gone and I’ve been able to start training for the half marathon. I have been running on a regular basis ever since and I completely attribute this to Ashley’s class.

Katie S.

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