About Ashley

Ashley Price
Ashley Price discovered Restorative Exercise and Nutritious Movement while recovering from a pregnancy that had rendered her unable to walk for 6 months. This temporary disability gave her the motivation to dive deep into the study of human movement, and she certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist in 2017.

She has a longstanding interest in evolutionary/normal function and a passion for helping people find a way to reclaim that in a culture that likes to restrict normal body functions. To that end Ashley spent her late 20s and early 30s serving as a birth activist and a breastfeeding counselor, and views movement teacher as an extension of that work. Her goal is to help people gain the skills and possess the knowledge to feel confident in their body and feel empowered to improve their function in a very self-driven way.

An all around enthusiast, Ashley can often be found walking around town pursuing her latest pre-occupation.

She is also an adult gymnast, having begun training at 28, and is always happy to share tales of falling on her face.