Get Your Weight Behind You

Today I have one simple instruction that can start a dramatic shift in how you use your body.


Get your weight behind you.


As a rule, people in our culture push their weight forward. We wear heeled shoes and walk on our toes. We stick our chest out and tuck our butt underneath us. When we want to use our arms in walking we pull them forward. We have tight quads and small butts, sore feet and sore backs, and so many people are dealing with neck pain from craning their head at their phone.


So, simply, put your weight behind you.


Shifting your weight so it’s more on your heels (and wearing shoes that allows you to do so) frees up your toes to move and respond to the environment.

Having your weight back and pelvis neutral activates your hamstrings and glutes, building up the strength of these important muscles.

Dropping your ribs gets your core in alignment and frees up motion in your mid back.

Walking with your arms swinging behind you counteracts the natural twist of your walk and uses your triceps with every step.

And ramping your head back relieves the tension in your neck from hours in front of the screen.


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