Health at Every Size, Movement for All Bodies

I want to share with you a radical idea, one that underpins all of my work.

    Your size doesn’t matter.

Your BMI, your weight, and even  the size of your pants says nothing about you. Not your health, not your attractiveness, and definitely not your worth.

As the multi-billions dollar diet and fitness industry gears up to take your money, convincing you to take up less space, I just want to remind you; they do not have your best interests at heart.

    Only you do.

How you feel matters more than anything they say.

Do you want to be more mobile? Then work on your mobility. Do you want to be stronger? By all means, work on your strength!


Do you feel good, strong, energetic? Then you are healthy.

And here’s the radical thing; your size has no impact on any of that.


Every day I hear friends and clients apologize for their size. Many believe that the heft in their thighs or the bulk in their belly is what’s holding them back from their movement and fitness goals.

I promise you, that’s almost never the case.

I’ve seen it in my own body, and in those close to me. I’ve seen people with big bellies fold in half, pressing their legs firmly into their torso. I’ve seen “morbidly obese” men throw their body around in flip after flip.

I’ve also seen slender, fit people held up by pain and tension. I know thin people who struggle with joint pain and arthritis.


My weight is higher than many deem acceptable, and I have my share of injuries and health concerns. But personally, I’m stronger and healthier now than when I was considered thin. I feel good, and that’s all that matters.


Movement is a subtle force that constantly reshapes your body. It works at the cellular level, adapting to better move you through your environment and meet the demands of your life. Every person can improve their health through movement in subtle and profound ways.


I encourage you to find ways to move that bring you joy. Explore activities that bring you peace of mind and make you feel good in your skin. Become curious about how your body moves, and feels, and honor the messages it shares with you.


Your body is your oldest friend. It knows what you need, and so do you.



If you’d like to explore these ideas further, I highly recommend the work of Linda Bacon. You can find her books on Amazon or at the local library, or follow her on facebook for up to date commentary on the health news of the day.

I’m proud to be a movement teacher who follows the Health at Every Size paradigm.