My Philosophy

Ashley Price restorative exercise

For most of my life I have held a deep interest in how our relationship with our bodies reflects our relationship with ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with instructions on what we should be doing with our bodies: how we should eat, how often we should exercise, what clothes we should wear, and what we should look like.

All of that advice, most of it from people who mean well, is fundamentally damaging to someone’s personal autonomy.

I have spent most of my adult life working to help people regain that sense of autonomy over their bodies, in one capacity or another. This is what has led me to working as a volunteer breastfeeding counselor, advocating politically for increased birthing options and having the interests of birthing mothers represented in policy discussions, and ultimately to Restorative Exercise.

My goal as a Restorative Exercise Specialist is to help you realize where you are and meet your goals for improved functionality. Here, you’re the boss of your body, and I’m simply a trained guide to help you find better function.

I am committed to working with clients of all ages, sizes, abilities, and disabilities.