What is Restorative Exercise?

Ashley Price restorative exercise

The way we move is intimately connected to the shape of our body and the way it functions. In short, you ARE the way you move. Thanks to the convenience provided by industrialization, the amount and variety of movement we do each day is dramatically reduced from what our bodies were made for.

Your body is perfect. Its ability to adapt to its environment is truly amazing. Unfortunately the adaptations for modern life commonly lead to pain, weakness, and physical degeneration (osteoarthritis).  Just as increased nutrition has made humans taller and smarter, increased movement nutrition improves our strength, stability, and function.

Restorative Exercise is a biomechanics-based program in two parts; exercises and natural movement. The corrective exercises, commonly taught in classes, workshops, and individual consultations, directly address whole body alignment and the length and strength of your muscles. Through a series of gentle exercises we target areas often overlooked by more conventional fitness programs, areas that directly affect your whole body functionality.

The goal of the exercises is to improve your ability to move naturally throughout your environment, throughout your life. To that end we encourage a wide variety of natural movements, such as walking more often and for longer distances, walking barefoot on uneven surfaces, climbing trees, squatting, sitting on the floor, and more.

restorative stretches