What is Restorative Exercise?

Ashley Price restorative exercise

The way we move is intimately connected to the shape of our body and the way it functions. In short, you ARE the way you move. Much as our modern culture has reshaped the world, it has also reshaped our bodies. The amount and variety of movement we do each day is dramatically reduced from what our bodies were made for.

Your body is perfect. Its ability to adapt to its environment is truly amazing. By bringing our attention (and intention) to our daily movements we can harness our ability to adapt in a way that meets our goals

restorative stretches

What can I expect in a class?

Every class is different, but all incorporate some element of movement education and experience. We’ll work on alignment, body awareness, and integration of new ideas into your daily movements.

Most classes are open to adults of any ability. Classes are capped at 8 participants so that everyone can have individual attention, and every exercise is modifiable to fit your needs.